Sim·u·la·tion | ˌsimyəˈlāSH(ə)n


imitation of a situation or process

• the action of pretending; deception: clever simulation that’s good enough to trick you.

  • the production of a computer model of something, especially for the purpose of study: the method was tested by computer simulation | [count noun] a visual simulation of a collision | [as modifier] simulation models will allow researchers to test different strategies.

Think virtual reality, or batting practice, driving range, CPR.

Living on the Atlantic Coast is great … save hurricanes, drunks, and rip tides.  Climate warming causes changes that are more volatile here.  Recently the numbers of drownings has caused alarm.  Particularly rip tides.

At 80 years my surfing days are gone.  Offspring and grandchildren are a different story.

We have done a great job locally.  More awareness, warning, general education, as to how to avoid this lethal reality.

The old coach/granddaddy syndrome caused me to  think about a way to practice how to deal with the strong currents.  And while I watched tapes and read and listened, I wondered.  Could you not create a situation that  trained people in the water.  Every one down here knows the fear, even panic reaction,  that too often takes over.

Knowing I didn’t have all the facts I went to the ‘net.  And found this:

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