The blog on “The Circle stinger” received more hits than any tennis advice I have written.  I certainly didn’t design the strategy itself (see Mr. Nadal )!

As stated in the article, it’s real effect has been to change the first choice of getting to the net  from serving and volleying, or attacking the short ball down the line. 

It also provided the tactic to make the “swinging volley” a better first choice. 

The complete play that has evolved so effectively follows:

  1. Identify the ball to come in on.  Nadal’s lefty stinger crosscourt to the “weaker” backhand pass is so far the best approach.
  2. Any weak, short or floating return is now a common place for talented, new pros to attack with a full bore swinging volley. Directed away from the opponent.

***3.  I caution teachers and coaches to remember there are levels of ability throughout the whole process.  Beginners of average ability, most high school players, average club and recreational level players should first perfect the standard volley fundamentals, adding the swinger when level and talent make it an advanced, effective tool.

Even at the highest level of pro doubles,  classic volleys are most often best.

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