Bjorn Borg taught a magnificent lesson one day on TV. Having just
beaten McEnroe in “the greatest match ever,” I watched commentator
Bud Collins interview the Wimbledon champ.
Collins asked Borg, “How did you do it?”
Borg, stoic as ever, said simply, “Legs.” Nothing more.
Collins had several minutes on his hands and rambled on in a
commentary I don’t remember.
Then, Borg, having thought some, took the mike from Bud. His
comments were:

  1. I was very nervous inside.
  2. I thought, surely I will lose.
  3. I told myself, I must put these thoughts out of my mind.
  4. I will not quit under any circumstances!
    End of clinic. Pretty good advice for a lot of areas.
    Young coaches: reread ten times.

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