• Failing to recognize the weaker player and attacking that person. This
may change within the match.
• Failing to identify the weaker service return of each player. This, too,
can change within the match.
• Failing to put pressure on second serves by moving in and hitting an
attacking return.
• Failure to attempt a “quality” return. This could be a lob or a chip, but
it has to have a plan. Don’t hit “wimpy” returns. Our team will accept
errors of ability but not fear. Go for it.
• Our server with the best win percentage serves first in every set. This
is not necessarily the player with the best serve.
• Not closing in on “floaters” at the net; if you fail at this, you sit in the
stands during the next match.
• Assuming one service break wins the pro set (8 games). I saw many
pro sets lost with the winners being down 7–3.

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