Let me repeat. There are some tough spots girls don’t like to practice.
While I preferred they choreograph these tough practices on their own,
trusty assistant Bob and I ran these particular drills a lot:
Cross court and back up. If you are hit an awkward ball or purposeful
drop shot, and you don’t want to come to the net, your best response is
to cross court the ball and back up. We’d set this ball up, the player digs in,
cross courts the ball, then scampers back to the baseline. (Bend your back
knee down to get the low ones).
Drop shot off a drop shot. Set up a good drop shot and have her respond
with her own drop shot. (Mostly down the line.)
Bump volleys. There are a lot of passing shots that can be handled with
a simple bump away from the passer. Teach your girls not to panic on this
easy ball. Just bump or touch it away from this source.
Backhand service returns. The coach hits from the “T” or mid-court,
directing the ball at the backhand of the player. Work on technique,
quickness, and target. As they progress, pick up the pace on your serve,
vary the types and direction of your practice serves. Encourage returning
on the rise or aggressively moving in.
Hitting on the rise. The better the player, the more balls she’ll be able to
take “on the rise.” Some don’t understand this tactic or technique. Some
avoid it because “it’s hard to do.” Start with slower balls; adjust to their

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