Next to net play, the service return requires the most quickness. Good
players “unweight” or bounce slightly to ready themselves.
You have to get wide, get low, and get ready. The first part of quick is
ready!In college doubles returns are the shots that get the service break. College
kids “go for it,” almost a wide open hit. Don’t move back…move in. And
if you move wide first, try to bring your weight back to the target. (A “Z”
shaped movement.)
Often a chip shot or lob is a quality shot. Keep in mind the “tough and
tighten” return. (See Wimbledon 2014) and “Danny and the Forehand Chip”
My wife was great at helping me with the women, though she’s much
tougher than I was. I must admit that not having a daughter I missed the
true nature of young women. I’m convinced women are better people
than men, by and large, and I am grateful for the three years with some
wonderful student athletes.
There are some different issues you have to be aware of. Eating disorders
are serious and much more of an issue for women. Don’t take these
problems too lightly (no pun intended).
Sexuality in sports is a growing issue. Bigger, stronger, faster, tougher
athletes win. Most of these are heterosexual in men’s tennis. There are a
lot of great women’s athletes and people of all orientations.

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