1. Keep it spotless! Develop a sense of pride in the care of this
    great facility.
  2. Open at 9:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM daily, every day the school
    is officially open. When school is officially closed (between
    semesters, winter break, spring break, etc.) lock south, west, and
    north gates. Keep north gate locked except for special events.
    Leave “closed” signs on fence. This sign directs players to east
    entrance, which is open and closed daily by security. Cut lights off
    during this time (last switch on right on light panel is turned down).
    We do not turn lights on for neighborhood players during
    the break.
  3. Lock and unlock bathrooms daily.
  4. Pick up trash daily. This includes ball can lids, chewing gum,
    cigarette butts, leaves, and any other mess. Use the blower to blow
    off the courts as needed. Leaves are a special problem. I have
    requisitioned a leaf vacuum Keep oil and gas in the blower. If you
    have to pay for gas, I will reimburse you.
  5. If a worker is to be absent, get a substitute. Teach them the job
    (how to lock the gates properly, etc.).
  6. Time sheets are due on the last day of the month. If they are not
    signed on time, then no pay on time.
  7. Periodically sweep the balcony, steps, and bottom of the gazebo.
    This area picks up a lot of trash. Periodically wipe off the table and
    chairs upstairs.
  8. Occasionally monitor night play. Try to prevent unnecessary
    burning of lights. Educate our students. Learn to work with
    appropriate personnel on time changes for lighting, plus watch the
    lighting problems (faculty computer timings, etc.).
  9. Learn to care for the fences and gates, and windscreen (plastic
    stays, metal stays, rope work, net work, net measuring, numbers on
    court, etc.).
  10. Get mowing schedules to landscapers each semester (varsity
    schedules, P.E. classes, etc.).
  11. Keep benches clean and in good repair. Keep trash cans empty and
    in good repair.
  12. We fight birds for ownership in the spring and summer. The
    mechanics center has a water spray machine we use to clean the
    stairwell and balcony. Learn to use it. We have a pest control
    employee for wasps, etc.  Report to the tennis director if lights aren’t changed at daylighttime changes.We need to keep several new nets and small green trash cans onhand. Tell tennis director of need to order.
  1. We have a handheld blower and extension cords that allow you
    to clean out the stands (leaves, bush sheddings, etc.). Do this
    periodically as needed.
  2. We host several tournaments, the secretary has the schedule.
    Many are high school playoffs, so we need to be especially clean.
    Make sure bathrooms are cleaned the evening after a tournament
    day. Trash pickup will be heavy and important on those days.
  3. Report all damages to appropriate personnel. Report painting
    repair needs that need special attention.
  4. Correct vandalism acts. Report significant incidents to security.
    Pick up broken glass. Clean up aftereffects of the weather. Take
    trash to appropriate pick up location.
  5. No skateboards, bicycles, skates, etc., on court surface. No bikes
    inside the courts ever. Keep skateboarders off East Gym patio
    (noise). Call Security if anyone is unruly.

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