1. Check the college’s websites for rosters and nationality of players.
  2. There is an “elephant in the room” of college tennis: They don’t want
    your kid. Why? An 18-year-old can’t beat a 23-year-old international
    (other factors being equal).
  3. Don’t give money to institutions that don’t support our kids. Tell your
    alumni and giving buddies the same.
  4. Don’t go for the “walk-on” speech. If a coach wants your kid, he will
    find a scholarship. Otherwise, he has nothing to lose and probably
    doesn’t think your kid will play. Believe me.
  5. “Enron” University is out there. You have to protect your kid.
  6. Let the press know your feelings.
  7. Check out the “Florida Story” about internationals.
  8. Let the coaches know how you feel.
    James Michener, in Sports in America: “and we do it in the name of
    education.” What hypocrisy.

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