Is this possible?  From the organizations listed below:


Schools and Conferences and National administrators research and compile data from 1980 until this year.  Identify institutions as state or private.

1. Rosters.  Ratio of internationals to American citizens.

2.  International’s position in the lineup.

3.  Scholarship allotment.  % of total to internationals.

4. League and National winners (team, singles, doubles , mvp,  freshman of year, academic awards by internationals.)

5.  National tournaments:  Seeds.  Post tournament final 16 singles, final 8 doubles. By nationality.

6.  Number of Conference and National team members in top six from state the school is located in.

Also comments on:

A.  What American pros have come strictly from the “Academy Process”?

B.  How many international  pros in the last thirty years have gained experience from American Collegiate tennis?

C.  Compare American pros who have had some college experience to those who go “strictly professional”?

D.  How many “players” in the Intercollegiate Tennis Hall of Fame had professional tennis experience?

E.  Compare alumni contributions from Americans to Internationals.

F.  There have been and are being some super college tennis facilities.   Historically and currently, where do major gifts come from?

G.  College tennis constantly deals with limited spectator interest.   Many cite the format.  Would attendance grow or alter if the teams were half American?   Given a lesser ability of many American players, would attendance fall off further?  Stay the same?  Increase?

H.  Which would be the most likely outcome given half  American starters:

—attendance would decrease due to lesser  quality of play.  More losses.

—fellow students, families, friends,fans would accept the lesser play for the familiar faces?

—over a period of time would American juniors react to more opportunities and scholarships  in their choice of sports?   Would the generations of Americans improve more through college opportunities and experience enough to encourage more attendance?

—Compare the American top ten men and women players in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s  to today’s best.  How many “old-timers” played college tennis?   Why are our few top players those with college backgrounds (Isner, the Bryans, Steve Johnson)?


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