The USTA (United States Tennis Association) states that 22% of American college men’s tennis scholarships go to internationals. That is a partial picture at best.
Keep in mind that total rosters include about 10-12 players and the better players start in the 1 to 6 positions. Quite often the lower ranked players play very little and therefore get very little scholarship aid.
A TOTALLY different picture emerges if one examines the percentage of aid that goes to the top players and how many of these get the lion’s share of 4 and one half men’s grants-in-aid.
The following schools are in North Carolina: Duke, UNC Chapel Hiil, Wake Forest, NC State, UNC Wilmington, Appalachain, Elon, Davidson, East Carolina, and UNC Greensboro. Our best teams.  If you examine these teams top players, the ones 1 thru 6, in important matches, statistics change.  Remember–the top guys get the scholarships.  COMBINED NUMBER OF INTERNATIONALS IN THE TOP SIX OF THESE SCHOOLS? — 33!   Six of these schools are state universities.  Number of North Carolina kids in the ten schools combined?- 3!  Final real statistic for tennis aid in our state this season/year? 91% international, 3% to our kids.  Want another probability–this is true all over, yet worse the further south you go.  TRUE TOO at NCAA 11 schools, NAIA, and Junior Colleges. Women too. Other sports also involved…Women’s golf soon to be impacted by oriental influx. There is a lot of undisclosed truth about all this.

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