With the publicity about Lance Armstrong and the denial of Hall of Fame membership to Sosa, Bonds and Mcguire, perhaps it is time to dig in on the substance issue…1. Armstrong stated he would not have been selected if he refused to dope.  One potential pro baseball player told me the reason he was not moved up (management told him) was because he refused the “pack”, or steroid enhancement.  If this is the only was to advance then advancing may not be worth it.  It is certainly dangerous, and taking unfair advantage. “Cheaters never win” a passe axiom? 2 . In the “power sports” isn’t there an added danger in giving some parties strength, size, speed, injury recovery, frenzied mentality advantages etc?  E=1/2 m x v squared.  Or “energy equals one half mass times velocity squared” as proposed by O. Charles Olsen in “The Prevention of Football Injuries” in the 1970′  One football coach said the mothers were leading the charge against their kids playing some sports now. If these sports are worthwhile, and I believe strongly they are, shouldn’t they be played on ” a level (drug free) field”? 3. Who protects the 14year old (about age some are making the steroid decision) when parents either aren’t there, are ignorant of the issues, or sadly complicit in encouraging usage?  Is the “paste out of the tube”. Or is this a watershed moment requiring the parties that are in control to “step up”, to use a sports cliche?

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