In 1976 James Michener wrote SPORTS IN AMERICA. He made the statement then “…I might allow my child to play football, but I wouldn’t encourage him to play.” I asked this fall on this blog, won’t this be a critical year in football history? (FOOTBALL AT THE CROSSROADS). Seems like the year proved the point…Continued head injuries, lawsuits, dementia, suicides, pretty brutal stuff.. The game is brutal. Still many love the “lions vs the christians”. Many think the rules are unclear or limiting. My guess is another influence is on the forefront, similar to Michener’s. “Mommas don’t your boys grow up to be football players.” This is not new, yet making more sense. It bothers me however that the great life lessons of football may be lost to many. If the savage control the game, to hell with it. If there is a “…turning loose of the steering wheel” then wrecks will occur. And , as good people abandon the game a lot will be lost. Every time an Incorrigible is recruited, selected, hired, etc., a good kid will be eliminated, or cut, or not given a chance. same for coaches, administrators, owners, all the way up and down…Face it–there are people that aren’t capable of benefitting from the great life lessons of football, and all sports. They use the game only for self gain. Many become millionaires only to squander the money. Bankrupt in short order, having gained no worthwhile skills, and having done only damage to society…Once again, who plays is important. People must be screened on a person by person level. Race should play no part in who plays. It does seem true that the more white kids drop out, the more black kids will fill the slots. It seems logical that if we fill the slots with incorrigibles, albeit good players, we will eliminate a lot of great black kids, whose only chance may be sports. Save the game for kids who, having learned important life lessons through their only available avenue,i.e. sports, go on to worthwhile citizenry. And make rules that protect them.  Begin with perfomance enhancing drugs control.   Lance Armstrong said he would not have been accepted if  he had decline to use drugs.   If the top (pro sports) demands usuage,  the news will flow to the bottom (even children’s sports).   Hopefully parents will guard their kids,  but some have turned the blind eye or even encouraged the madness.   Sanity is the only hope…

One thought on “Prescient?

  1. ethomasparham

    sunday,feb 3. FACE THE NATION with Bob Sheiffer had a special segment this morning related to the above article. There were two obvious ommissions in their defense of the NFL…1.There was no mention of steroids and the like. 2, There are several LEVELS of football below the NFL (several divisions of college football or divisions 1,2,3 AA,JR COLLEGES, high school varsity, jr.varsty, and below, and all the little leagues.) If the NFL is a capitalistic venture that is different than football affiliation with education and recreation. There should be different controls at different levels.

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