Richard Pryor, Jonathan Winters, Johnny Carson, Robin Harris, Jackie Gleason and the list goes on. If you don’t know these guys you missed great moments in comedy. Dean Martin and the roasts, Chuck BurrIs and the Gong Show. Still laughing. Here are some clips that a little research will render.
• Bob Nelson, His classic being his All -America football selections (“shoulda ma pads”).
• Any by Jonathan Winters. He was THE BEST of em all. Precursor to Robin Williams, his Maude Frickett, Elwood P. Suggins, and uncanny improvisations are tops.
• Amos and Andy. While banned, great. Red Foxx got away with the same thing.( Remember Iron jaw—-“…yeah, but can he do this?”). Flip Wilson, Eddie Murphy, Pryor was untouchable.
• Brother Dave Gardner? “Hail Caesar. Hell yes.”
• There was a football game on ESPN between South Carolina State and Grambling University. The game went eight overtimes. Damnedest game I ever saw. And I’VE WITNESSED A TON. I made a sincere and severe effort to procure a film of this classic. Still will offer considerable cash.
• The next few will take some research: 1. the squirrel maze. Fifty consecutive puzzles; they solve them all. You can’t defeat squirrels.
• Pumpkin chunking. On Sunday Morning-CBS. About the year 2000. Computer geeks bomb a lady’s mustang, a mile away.
• From MICROCOSMS (again, about 2000). I made every team watch that “dung beetle” roll that “ball”. After their viewing it, I would say nothing. Just stare at them until one of them figured it out: “Oh, I get it, Coach. No matter what it takes get the ball where it’s supposed to go.” AH—EDUCATION.
• Oh, and Robin Harris doing BEH BEH’S kids. Plus “Sweet Dick Willie” and DO THE RIGHT THING.
•Steve Martin, doing FLYDINI on the Johnny Carson Show. 82
•Bobby Rush from the introduction to Ken Burns jazz documentary. Featuring “Mizz Lowe”. OUTST ANDING!
•I heard David Sedaris bought a beach house in our town of Emerald Isle, N.C. years ago I mentioned an article David had written on Brother Paul. My nephew, Scott Ritter and wife, Denise, told me they went to school with David. Lots of Sedaris pub since then, but YOU CAN’T KILL THE ROOSTER is hilarious. Every time I go to town, I look for David. I want to find out more about Paul. (Google David and “the Rooster).
• Most of the jewels above can be “googled”, or “you-tubed”.

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