I’d like to share a copy of my writings, comments, and a collection of sources that have helped me.  Between the books and the blog, this a “haystack” of thoughts of various types.  It is, perhaps, a folder of inspiration that goes in many directions and is presented in no particular order.  Mainly it deals with coaching and teaching tennis  in America over the past fifty years. Lately I have concentrated on helping high school tennis teams, coaches, and players.  Some handpicked “lessons” are enclosed, excerpts taken from earlier writings, new blogs,other sources, etc.  I have doggedly tried to help enhance the amount of scholarship  money going to American men and women, as evidenced inside.    As Ray Charles once said, “You may not like all of my music, but hang on, I’ll find you.”

Download the full Helping file (160 Mb) here: helping-by-tom-parham

One thought on “Helping

  1. Lane Evans

    As a veteran tennis teaching professional for the better part of 40 years, it is refreshing to know that Coach Parham still has the enthusiasm and will to see this project of educating high school tennis coaches in an effort to make them better students and educators of the game. I helped put The Little Green Book of Tennis in the hands of coaches in Henderson and Gaston Counties. I hope it helped. I think it did. But we cannot stop there. As coach Parham has detailed, there is still work to do. These coaches need education on how to better teach and understand the inner workings of our game both physically and mentally. I too, will help with this. Through the help of USTA NC, we have established a small budget of funds that will be used in 2017 for this purpose, to educate high school coaches. The goal is to have at least 2 workshops or at least one big one. I plan to speak. I hope other tennis teaching professionals will engage as well. This is important. We won’t be able to solve the issues of the high school tennis world but we can do this or do nothing. I chose the first one. I believe we can make a difference. We can educate these coaches and make them better. The real winners are the kids. They get better. They will know that there are coaches and tennis professionals that care about them and their success. We can do this. Look for details in the early part of 2017 for our plan of attack. Thank you for your support of this terrific project.

    Lane Evans-USPTA Elite Professional
    Incoming 2017 USPTA Southern Division President

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