TWO PASS FOR TWO (OR MORE) Not enough for a poker game?  Many gamblers fill that time with some version of gin rummy. Here is a home made poker game for when small numbers have “the itch”. The game for two:  PROCESS AND RULES *Determine the dealer. Dealer alternates  round to round. SCORING  *This is …

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Gerald said, “…every now and then the cow eats the butcher!” Football season is here! Actually it is “money game season”. You whip us, but you pay us. Say what? Appalachian beats Texas A & M and walks with 1.5 mil! Boone Goons rock. Marshall screwed the system too. Stuff happens. Still—- How many over …

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It is probably lucky public school teachers didn’t have guns in the 1950’s. They would have shot some of us.


November 6, 2019 I posted an article on gambling and tennis (see below). Less than 3 years later check what percentage of tennis channel advertising is gambling money. One related item popped up in last week’s news. A tennis chair umpire was charged with illegal manipulating of the scoring device. Go figure! Better get a …

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A SENSE OF THE MYSTERIOUS by Alan Lightman Dr. Jo Watts Williams, beloved matriarch of Elon University,  told me “…children  need time to go looking for lizards.”  Perhaps author Lightman was making similar points in the concluding parts of his book.  Addressing the modern rapid pace of change  brought on by technology,  he admonishes thusly”: …

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My parents bought their first house in 1961. $13,000. They both lived to 93 years, the last seven in a nursing home. My one sister and I split only the sale of said house. My first job included basketball coaching and that was when schools first integrated in our area. Our school didn’t have football …

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Repeating a comment from a personal article (PORTALS POTHOLES-Feb 2022)” “For years football coaches have often recruited unhappy players from other teams. Or those who can legally transfer and play at a different school. The new NCAA “Portals Rule ” has jetstreamed this strategy. One of the sad side effects of “Portals ” is that …

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A recent friend and I discovered our commonality of being single male siblings who moved to a new small North Carolina town.  Both of us “older”, he followed my personal story with his:    Yeah —I was a teenager when we  moved.  We went to church the first Sunday.  After Sunday School a guy bumped …

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