In 1952 I played on the elementary 6th grade basketball team. And every other year from 62 through 4 years of college play. I coached college basketball and was an adminstrator of college basketball . I saw Carolina beat Kansas in 1957. I ran the final four poll at Elon University until the NCAA stopped us. We had 30 coaches of various sports teams at Elon. I never won the poll. A coach never won. Always a Custodian or a student worker , etc. Our Senior secretary, Mrs. Doris Gilliam won twice. Once she picked Cleveland State’s win over Bobby Knight’s Indiana.

My only entry is now our 20 entry family poll. After 2 rounds I am Tied for 10th. Lennox, my 7 year old grandson is 2nd.

Charles Barkley would be tied for 12th in our poll.

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