Gerald said, “…every now and then the cow eats the butcher!”

Football season is here! Actually it is “money game season”.

You whip us, but you pay us. Say what? Appalachian beats Texas A & M and walks with 1.5 mil! Boone Goons rock. Marshall screwed the system too. Stuff happens.


How many over matched youngsters get hurt in these games? One player said “…our coach would give OUR lives for the school!”

A university’s website proclaims “Every thing we do is first for the good of our students.” Does this include students who play football?

And isn’t there more size and ability variation among 10th graders and high school seniors? 125 pounder vs 270 lbs.


Also: Portals and Potholes and Proximity:

Was it Southern California that recruited twenty plus PORTAL footballers? Does that equate to that many legit freshmen who didn’t get that scholarship/ opportunity? How many times did this happen in all football programs combined? All sports? How many closed doors to the high school class of 2022?

North Carolina football 2022: We don’t need to play any more this year. We can’t beat East Carolina and NC State, or App vs the Tar Heels. Mountaineers over #6.

Makes one wonder about pacific coast teams in the Big Ten.

Radical ideal?–Carolina, State, Duke, Wake Forest, Appachian, and East Carolina all play each other? ps-UNC Charlotte will be ready soon. Western Carolina Univ. No flying required, football or women’s volleyball.

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