Repeating a comment from a personal article (PORTALS POTHOLES-Feb 2022)”

“For years football coaches have often recruited unhappy players from other teams. Or those who can legally transfer and play at a different school. The new NCAA “Portals Rule ” has jetstreamed this strategy. One of the sad side effects of “Portals ” is that high school seniors are overlooked for older and seasoned upperclass international college kids.

My guess is that this avenue will be adopted to American college tennis. And it will undoubtedly involve international players who can now easily move to “greener pastures”. American high school aspirants will be moved down the prospects list, or be dismissed even quicker”.

August 1, 2022

Sadly this appears spot on so far. One conversation I just had with a current NCAA Division 1 tennis coach began with his frustration with current recruiting over the reality that everyone knew everything about those in “the portal”.

Since 1970 the number of international college tennis players has grown steadily. Rosters of teams now often are 100% international.

“How about recruiting American high school seniors?” I asked.

Coach: “Not even on the radar.”

Where have you gone , Mrs. Robinson ?”

One thought on “SEISMIC 2

  1. Milan Kofol

    Tom…Why can we produce competitive home grown college tennis players…Are there statistics where (countries) the non US college players are raised…is there a common son went Princeton in the early 2000s…all US born all non is mystifying. Milan

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