A recent friend and I discovered our commonality of being single male siblings who moved to a new small North Carolina town.  Both of us “older”, he followed my personal story with his:    Yeah —I was a teenager when we  moved.  We went to church the first Sunday.  After Sunday School a guy bumped and challenged me:  Meet me behind the church after the preaching  and we’ll find out how tough you are!

I said “Why don’t we meet out front and let everybody see”!  Backed the fight off.

It seems urgent  that some kind of wisdom must emerge.Shooting children ?  Bombing families?  Hanging the vice president ? No vaccine?

Where is “the man (woman) on horseback?”

Will the truth be told on jan. 6th, 2022,  this week.  

Will someone find a way to limit gun loopholes?

Are there now courageous  politicians wiling to “step-up”?

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