Yesterday was my son’s 47th birthday. his son, James is 6.

They brought with them one of the new virtual reality cameras now on sale to the public.

People my age either neglected technology or struggled mightily with which button to push.

A luddite, covid constrained, my only tudors were my sons. The older quit answering the phone. The aforementioned younger eventually made the limits clear: “I’m not your technology ( blank ) or prostitute.” I did ask a lot. Hell, you need a lot

My brightest friend (not a long list) simply gave up. Screw a password.

A ten year tennis camper once yelled me, up in the shaded tower, “Hey, we need some help down here!”

Every age needs some kind of help.

I saw recently a youngster has created a support group for seniors comprised of young capables .

And, my offspring revealed a crucial moment in tech: Age 47 asked age 6, “…how do you change from

roller coaster to menu?” James told him how.

Guess that means when you turn 47 the young ones take over.


  1. gerrypritter

    Very insightful snd true. I was younger and my granddaughter was older like 12 before my ignorance was so apparent. The cartoon Pickles even put this truism on the National scene about 3-4 weeks ago. “At least he could have made me not feel like a moron immediately” Sis

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