Jeanne talked a lot about her height. She was larger than life. Husband , Jerry and I played poor golf equally together. We, joined by Alan White.and wife “Norma Rose”, enjoyed them both as dear friends. Many occasions with Elon University and it’s athletics programs.

Many times someone would say to me, “…I saw you on television with that funny woman!” Her video on an eight day white-water rafting trip down the entire Grand Canyon was a fan favorite and popular on youtube. A trip shared by me and wife Margaret, as tag alongs, who joined Jeanne’s group of professional speakers. Some Baptists sprinkled in totalling 30 “rafters .”

There are lots of similar Jeanne videos and books and performances. Never once does she disappoint.

The link below shows how to view her last video. Like her other material, about half of the hour long presentation is humerous.

The second half is different and I don’t feel I should define what she does. Suffice it to say, it is a from the heart gift. Directed toward her people or team –the nation’s speakers. But, true to form, good advice for many.

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