REVIEWS FOR “COACHES” PROMOTION (REVISION—4)A new book, “Em “Ole Coaches” by Tom Parham is now available. Coach Parham stretches his insight this time. “ I have been ‘hobby writing’ for fifteen years since retiring. A 5OO plus blog of articles plus seven things that look like books. I have selected the best of all for this book.” Chapters are made of chosen comments on the wide variety of topics. Parham adds “..everything from pickle ball to religion.” Light humor to war, race, the future. “This is an “everyman” attempt. There is new tennis knowledge included, written since the green book.” what is this all about? —-pictures——(TP)REVIEWS OF “The Little Green Book of Tennis” (and other books and writing). Tom Parham has been a student, an athlete, a teacher and a coach. He has observed life thoroughly from each perspective, soaking in the humor as well the heartache. He is a great storyteller with great stories to tell – the end result of a life well-lived and a life well-listened. “‘Em Ol’ Coaches” is a compila- tion of these experiences that defies the pigeonholes of essay and editorial. He delivers the written word in an honest North Caro- lina voice, a voice shaped by a journey that begins in Charlotte and makes its way across the state to Emerald Isle, with many stops along the way. Enjoy the ride. I did. (Russell Rawlings, NC Bar)Tom Parham is always paying attention, which made him a great tennis coach and, as his friends well know, a great storytell-
er. Tom is always cogitating, mulling things over, which makes him also an inveterate agitator. He likes to unmask illusions. His book takes us on a journey through a life-time of seeing things differently, often from a perspective of humor. Maybe Tom is Will Rogers reincarnated! Richard (Richard McBride is a retired Chaplain from Elon University, a fine man, and my friend.) tp“This isn’t just a book for tennis coaches. It is a book for all coaches.” (Joe Robinson, former UNC football staff).NCTF is pleased to help supply Tom Parham’s book, “The Little Green Book of Tennis” to our many hardworking coaches who can gain knowledge about tennis to impart to their HS players.” Coaches will appreciate his originality and benefit from his years of experience.” (Coach Bob Bayliss, Notre Dame Men’s Tennis, ITA Hall of Fame)I know this man. I cannot think of anyone more qualified than Tom in regards to his knowledge of the game. If you want a true “student of the game” and excellent coaching skills, he is your man!!! “The Little Green Book” is proof. J.Allen MorrisI just received your “signed” book today! I finished reading the digital copy last weekend. I really liked your advice on Preparing For College Tennis. I think many parents could benefit from that advice. — Paul Miller (North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame)The wisdom gained in a brilliant career has been boiled down to bite-sized pearls of wisdom in “The Little Green Book of Tennis” – a must-read for coaches, instructors, players, and parents. Ron (Smarr) INTERCOLLEGIATE TENNIS HALL OF FAME.His words flow off the page much in the same manner as the great teachers and coaches I have known. Coach Parham concludes that “this material is, in large part, not mine. I am only the messenger. I believed in it and benefitted from these masters. I did write it down.” I don’t think anyone has done it better.” (David Odom, Wake Forest University Men’s Basketball Coach)NCTF HALL of FAME MEMBER, Keith Richardson comments: “Coach, thanks for “Little Green Book of Tennis”…’s a gem,a resource, a reference tool, a reminder of the lessons we should be teaching on and off the court. Pure genius the way you weave your funk into time tested drills, coaching and life advice that most of us have heard before, but have forgotten to pass on. My advice to the pros, coaches, and instructors of the game? Buy two copies of “The Little Green Book of Tennis.” Place one on the coffee table to impress the cocktail crowd. Take the second copy and do what you are not supposed to do to a literary work: throw it in your tennis bag, take it to the courts, the locker room…get it dirty and beat up by repeatedly opening and letting your eyes go to the guidance and advice that you didn’t know you were looking for…. dog ear the section that you can use in your next clinic, highlight the one sentence that becomes the “tennis tip” in your weekly newsletter, steal the forty coaching years of Coach Parham’s wisdom and share it with your team…..all the while acting like you came up with the winning formula by your- self. Coach Parham wouldn’t want it any other way. Tom, thanks again for the work, and for sharing it.” ReplyForward

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