My friend was one of 5 boys, most younger than their six sisters.  In rural  North Carolina in the 50’s there was little air conditioning.  One night with the Father already in bed, two of the oldest girls were doing their homework at the kitchen table.  Window open.

Strangely the oldest child told her sister that”….I’’m going to take Daddy his cigarettes”.  Though knowing Daddy didn’t smoke, daughter two said nothing.  The older girl went to her Father and reported a “Peeping Tom” right outside the open window.

The Father got out of bed, took up his rifle and crept around the house. And shot the peeper.

Father was actually friends with Sheriff, who soon was on their phone.

“A man in the hospital said you shot him in the leg” said the constable.  “Yeah, but I meant to hit him in the head” Father admits.

The Sheriff then tells Father he’ll pick him up and both will go to the hospital.  The Sheriff somehow did not notice Father put his rifle in the cop’s car!

The Sheriff was in the hospital lobby when he turned and saw Father with his rifle.

“What in the hell are doing bringing that rifle  in here?”

“I may shoot him again!”

The Sheriff called his friend by name saying  “…if you shoot him in here I’ll have to arrest you.

Now come on in here to see him.”

Father however was  carrying his rifle out the door.

Sheriff:  “Where are you going?”

“If I can’t shoot him I don’t want to see him!”

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