College basketball teammate, Terry Harris and I were  college smoking teammates too.

Called “Hoss”  (he was a small point guard) Terry may have been the best of all of us keeping up.  Phone calls,  people saying he’d asked about everyone.  Then it stopped.  Why hadn’t I made my own attempt at staying up with him  in Autryville, N.C.   Friendship is work, but worth it all.

Friend, “Country” Boykin  ran down Morgan’s (Terry’s brother) phone number.  “Terry has moved to the mountains.”   Low and behold, there’s is Hoss on the other end.  Sounded different.

Finally I asked Terry if he still smoked.   “Gave em up five years ago!”  Knowing he’d struggled with quitting,  I commented,  “Hell to quit aren’t they”

“The harder I tried to quit, the better they tasted!”

Friend, Russell Rawlings, said he was worried about our BIG FRIEND, Ralph El Ramey (r.i.p.)  doing the required “REHAB”!  I asked why?  “He ain’t never  done the HAB.”

My quote of this week:  The harder I try to stay healthy, the more parts wear out!

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