Getting closer to reorganization.  The third edition of THE LITTLE GREEN BOOK  of TENNIS is done.  It is the first third of the new blog site.  Hopefully the new ordering of blogs will make it easy as it goes from beginners, to high school and tournament players, to talented juniors, to college tennis aspirants, and up.  Help for coaches and teams.

We are still working on the mechanics.  The next third comes from PLAY IS WHERE LIFE IS.  Town lore and people  from five small North Carolina towns at the core of this third.

The final source is largely from  A LEVEL OF THINKING.  From dark to light,  serious to entertaining.  This material concludes the twenty some “columns or categories”  each of which reads as an independent “chapter”.   Now one is able to skip from chapter to chapter by choosing and clicking on the preferred column located  to the right on the website home page.

2 thoughts on “3RD EDITION OF “LITTLE GREEN BOOK OF TENNIS” and more!

  1. Milan Kofol

    You accurately described the scene. I was angry at losing the serve but angrier for Mr. Richardson allowing an inexperienced foot fault judge ( I knew the person as he went to Presbyterian and was a classmate of George..I am not trying to question his integrity…just stating the facts and I do not believe he ever umpired a tennis match) be inserted into the match in the third set. He called a foot fault for a double fault in that crucial game. Also I do not recall I was told about the rule by Mr. Richardson. As you stated the game and rules were evolving. I did not like the ruling but I learned a invaluable lesson.

    Milan Kofol

    1. ethomasparham

      Thanks to a fine player and person. I can imagine how painful that was. Hope you are well. You made a tough contribution to the development on a workable penalty system, that made the game better for everyone.

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