All players have been told to serve at their opponent’s weakness. It’s at
their backhand most of the time. Nine out of ten players are right-handed,
so the target remains the same for most serves.
Let’s make this clear: They are going to serve at your backhand. Often.
Again there are options. For me as a coach, option one is to develop a
dependable underspin, one-handed service return. Hit it low and at the
server and volleyer’s feet. Make him volley up to your partner: “Doubles
is a one-two game.” Defining the “short corner” as the intersection of the
service court back and side lines (see figure 6), we now have a “visual” for
where the return goes. One problem: if you hit for the short corner and
miss a little long you may hit into an error. (See figure, shot #2.) You
have more inbounds “green” to hit, even if you’re a little long. Try it!

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