Tom Morris and his character showed me a lot. Once a “new” opponent
in our district was certainly a challenge for perennial winner, Morris. All we
heard in “pre-tournament scuttle” was about this guy’s “WCT (tour level)
forehand.” Morris said nothing but at match time directed nearly every
ground stroke to an area about 5-feet square located at the service line on
his opponent’s backhand side. The guy hit his WCT forehand about three
times: 6–1, 6–0, Morris.
“The Andy Moll drill.” I taught this to the entire team. Andy asked me to
hit a solid ball to the middle of his court, then a second ball about midway
on his backhand side. Andy’s forehand was very good. He drilled his
legwork this way, turning three fourths of his shots into forehands.
(See figure 10 on page 95)

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