1. Hit the serve up enough.
  2. Learn a good backhand underspin one hander.
  3. The service grip is the most functional grip in tennis.
  4. “No man’s land” is a myth. You have to learn many shots from mid-
    court. These are “shortened” shots (service returns, approach shots,
    etc.). They are most often hit with underspin. Particularly in doubles.
  5. Basic tennis strategy (singles) says: Down the line, come in. Cross
    court to stay back.
  6. Hitting on the rise takes court and time away from your opponent.
    It’s harder, but essential. We played “21,” restricting all rallies to be
    made from within the court, i.e., you step behind the baseline or out
    side the side line, and you lose the point. You can go to the net any
    time after the first rally.
  7. Add one shot each fall. You don’t have time in the spring. In the
    spring you play. Examples:
    • A one-handed backhand chip
    • Backhand service return
    • Forehand service return (underspin, too)
    • Backhand approach (often a weakness)
  8. The game is the best teacher. If you play enough tough matches
    (practice-challenge-varsity) you will get better. It’s not high school
    and every match is tough. You have to rebound from yesterday’s 7–6
    in the third loss to play again today. Tough-minded players survive
    and learn from these matches.
  9. Learn to acclimatize to early morning play. Lots of important
    matches occur early. College kids have different “clocks,” and they wil
    resist this suggestion.
  10. Beer and idle dorm conversations cause the most “causalities.”

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