Every player and team needs two allies: Funding and publicity. Most
communities have people who, for whatever reason, want to help. One
help you’ll need is money, and there are people who are good at raising
and donating money, services, and equipment. While there are guidelines
for proper fundraising, once you know the right way to find and accept
help, some extra effort on you and your team’s part will yield the aid you
may be missing.
You and your players and teams will also benefit from good public
relations. Often the key is the media. Schools have sports information
directors (the S.I.D.). A good working relationship here often results in the
public being aware of your team and its efforts. Youngsters like publicity.

Most people do. Publicity encourages and inspires the very young to select
tennis as a worthy pursuit. You have to do your part. Make rosters, team,
and individual information available in a timely fashion. Scores reported,
win or lose, are fundamental. The two men below are personal examples
of two friends who were of immense help to our teams.

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