Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to be proficient in any worthy arena. I don’t know how many, from childhood to my coaching career, were spent “watching the ball bounce.” A lot! All kinds of sports. Tennis, one of the latest found. And, as stated, my pivotal find was Jim Leighton. Mentor to many, myself included. He opened my eyes and I began to see things better. And I learned from all kinds of sources. Tennis on television, playing tennis, reading instruction books, watching other tennis players, DVDs, clinics (especially at the U.S. Open’s USTA clinics), coaches of tennis and other sports. Most came from watching my own players. Some positive information, some negatives that needed “coaching.” Next I have listed sources for some of these lessons. Lessons that win watches. The first is one that is unusual but I gotta tell you, we got a lot of points from badminton. “Chai” will tell you that!

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