Coach Danny Colangelo, Men’s Tennis Barton College
P.O. Box 5000
Wilson, NC 27893
Dear Danny:
You asked for some advice on coaching at Barton College.
Here are some suggestions.

  1. Be honest.
  2. Be fair.
  3. You are not a servant, but it is a service job.
  4. “There are two kinds of people at a golf course: workers and
    players. All the players are looking for a job.” (Tennis coaching, too)
    –Gerald Wallace
  5. “You can’t make chicken salad until you get the chicken.”
    –Buddy Bedgood
  6. If you can’t get me and you don’t know the answer, call
    Russell Rawlings (at Barton, 399-6358). Do what he says.
  7. “If you want to be a coach, there are two rules: Keep your records
    straight, and Don’t mess with the cheerleaders (or coeds or girl
    players)” –Bob Burton, Elon basketball, 1990.
  8. Don’t play illegal players.
  9. Learn the NCAA rulebook—not all the rules, but how to use the
    book. Ask Gary Hall or your compliance officer every time you have
    any questions.
  10. People from eastern North Carolina have a built in “bull” detector.
    Don’t even try it.
  11. Earl Boykin (“Country” at E. B. Sports) is my dear friend.
    Call him (291-5411). No one will look after the tennis center if you don’t.
  1. You work for the athletics director and the president. Be a positive
    to those two important people.
  2. Get the players in shape.
  3. Don’t panic if something goes haywire.
  4. Losing hurts bad enough. Don’t abuse your players. I always wait an
    hour after a match to make suggestions.
  5. Sportsmanship should be high on your team and coaching
    priorities list.
  6. Be careful in the van. Don’t schedule matches that dictate driving
    too much in any one stretch. Did you hear that? Re-read it!
  7. Don’t be a “budget buster.” Al Rehm: “I don’t want any cheese. I just
    want to get out of the trap.” Find Al and Jean. They are looking
    for you.
  8. Don’t forget how much you know about tennis. Use your
    intelligence, toughness, and “team first” knowledge. Be patient.
  9. There are other teams and coaches at Barton. Their teams are
    important, too.
  10. There’s a fine faculty across the campus. They affect your teams.
  11. Tom Morris is an outstanding human being. He will be glad to help
    if you need him.
  12. Tell the boys at Dick’s Hot Dog Stand hello. You’ve probably already
    been to Parker’s.
  13. Barton is a fine school. Coaching is an opportunity to do a lot of
    people a lot of good. Remember what tennis did for you. Pay back
    your debts.
    Let’s start with these 25. Call me any time you need me. Your coach,
    Cc: Gary Hall, Director of Athletics, Russell Rawlings, Development Office,
    Dr. Jim Hemby, President

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