Volley Reminders

Here are some volley “reminders” (also check girls section)

  • You need a “bump volley”
  • “Touch and tighten” (“touch the volley as you simply tighten your hands.”)
  • “Volley away from the source”
  • There are seven volleys. “Keep in a volley spot”
  • “Churn and burn”
  • “Recoil”
  • “Use your legs to volley”
  • Hit a forehand overhead if at all possible
  • Low volleys go straight and deep and your opponent gets to hit it again.
  • High volley should be for winners. Often hit “down” and “away”from the source.
  • Use your legs and movement to “keep it in a volley – spot”
  • Overheads
    1. Get your racket ready
    2. Get to the ball in perfect service “hit-spot”
    3. Watch the ball longer than you think is necessary
    4. Use the “hit-turn” method if possible. Don’t jump or “scissor kick”unless you have to. Keep your feet on the court.

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