SUFFER? (374)

A new buzz word cropped up among the talking heads at the us open tennis tournament: SUFFER!  How much will one suffer for the tennis win?  Got to suffer to beat Nadal.

Sort of grim sounding.  Particularly to a minister’s son.  Don’t recall all the ways it appeared at the First Baptist, but sounded ominous.  “Jesus suffered and died on the cross” popped up a lot.  “Suffer the little children to come unto me”?  Not me! at five.

Don’t  think I  don’t know the value of conditioning in tennis.  Mental toughness.  Grind it out!  Dig deep.  You are only playing half a point!  Easy for me as a coach to yell, or blow the suicide whistle.

Nada vs Medvedev  2019 might have been the toughest match I have ever seen.  Nadal has a trump card.  He can wear anybody down and he knows it and they all know it.   But this new villain/hero never blinked.  Thanks to this match we saw a new willingness to suffer.  Aggassi was great for a while at this.  and  it does provide the public a deep look into admirable quality.

But wait a minute.  Two of the greatest ever suffered beyond even their max in  New York  (Joker and Fed),  begs the question—how long can these 3 super heroes survive?Is someone going to have to die to qualify?  If the women are paid the same, do they have to suffer equally?

College tennis is changing lots of ways.  But their intent is to enhance crowds.  Pros are looking at 5 sets?  Is parity of players and quality of equipment  demanding risking life long injury of upcoming aspirants.  Everyone in the draw can play.  No more 6/1, 6/0 semifinal clay victories for women.   Administrators and coaches and parents and players:  It ain’t one set and  a beer at the club, but does it have to be the lions and christians?

Romans 5:3

3 Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;


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