The North Carolina Tennis Foundation proudly announces a new project geared specifically for varsity boys and girls high school tennis has been successfully completed. Every current coach (711 teams) has been provided a copy of THE LITTLE GREEN BOOK of TENNIS by Tom Parham, life long North Carolina coach, teacher, and administrator.
Total funding was provided by private donors. Shipping and logistics also by volunteers.

The author admits to plagiarism. And even stooping to golf for guidance. Coach Parham suggests “…we had a great model for our teaching method. Mr. Harvey Penick’s all time best seller of golf books (HARVEY PENICK’S LITTLE RED BOOK) provided time-honored proven lessons at the highest level. I could hear Jim Leighton’s voice issuing the same firm messages for tennis enthusiasts.”
Method, message and cause. What greater cause than North Carolina’s youngsters.
The book seems to be functioning. Lots of favorable comments.
One coach of multiple sports contended “…this isn’t a book for just tennis coaches, it is for all coaches.” A follow up reader noted, “…this isn’t just a book for coaches, but for all teachers. “
“Some of the best tennis teachers/coaches came form the South. My teams played in 28 national college championships. Jim Verdieck (Redlands University from California) coached 22 national team winners. I watched him closely. So much came out of California. Verdieck worked closely with Dennis Van Der Meer, as did Coach Leighton. Don Skakle, J.W. Isenhour, Ron Smarr , opponents and their players matches, Clinics at U.S. Open, sources every where . I was just their messenger” said Parham.
The North Carolina Tennis Foundation/Association does a plethora of tasks and services for the game. Adult programs, league play, youngsters just beginning. No other priorities that high school and junior participation fit higher on their mission statement.
Coach Parham lauds the organization. I am proud of the success of the project and grateful for all the support of donors and volunteers. My strong feeling is our next high school goal should be to link communities to the kids. Our best results have come from the traditional family to club pro (or community player, to those many who simply loved the kids and the game. ) Next junior tournament play, in combination of twenty or so team play matches. There is much mutual gain between club teaching pros and high school tennis. Most are truly fine teachers who can really be support for high school teams and coaches. Maybe more cooperation along these lines is next.
The annual North Carolina high school tennis clinic will be hosted by UNC-GREENSBORO and Coach Jeff Trivette on July 20. Elon’s Coach Michael Leonard will be the head clinician. Coach Parham will be on hand for questions about the book, plus how it may best be utilized.

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