CURRENT REALITY (AMERICAN COLLEGE TENNIS) Since 1970 college tennis has had no limit to international grant-in-aid, or scholarships. Since then the amount of aid to Americans has diminished
steadily to the point that Americans often get what is left over, or none at all. Parents now realize it is probably only going to get worse. This has cast a pall on our tennis families. More and more they make the choice to select another sport with more scholarship opportunity. “My next kid is playing (fill in the blank——–golf, lacrosse, baseball, soccer,etc). No one can see an end to this downward spiral. Or can they?
DAY DREAMING? When TITLE IX was passed, families were encouraged to have young girls play golf. “All kinds of grants are available for any girl that can shoot 85!” Our girls flocked to the driving range. Alas, women’s collegiate golf mimed tennis. Did Title IX intend for Duke to field an all international girls golf roster (2014 NCAA 1, 2015 NCAA 2 FINISHES) When is the next flight to recruit Asian golf courses, Coach? There was 600 million dollars spent on tennis by colleges and universities last year, in no small part for international grants. What if we could promise American families that five years from now 8O% of that money would go to our kids? Would these things happen—
1. Would families come back to tennis?
2. Would these grants lighten the spiraling cost of college to our families?
3. With grants available would we halt the downward spiral of quality players?
4. Couldn’t Internationals still play if they paid the bill?
5. Wouldn’t our college programs develop our top kids (they do that now for internationals, and we pay the way). And they did so before grants were lost.
6. Wouldn’t our top kids have a shot at top notch education at our better institutions?
7. How about USTA membership? High school tennis, Coaching quality and opportunity?
8. Players would gather the life lessons of a great sport. The game is the best teacher.
9. Our kids would win more, and especially benefit from being on a team that has a chance to win.
10. All-Americans that are American?

4 thoughts on “DAY DREAM BELIEVER” (175)

  1. Blake Argo

    I have played tennis since I was little. I was always disappointed in the tennis facilities at most colleges. I was so excited to hear that Mark Hurd f is working hard to revitalize tennis at the collegiate level but he is also trying to improve American tennis overall. He has plans to sponsor collegiate tournaments, create a new American tennis circuit, and possibly start a junior academy in California. I think that Mark Hurd is really going to turn this sport around.

  2. ethomasparham

    Tom, Great thoughts. It is long overdue for American college tennis to develop American kids. Once upon a time American tennis was dominant on the world scene and I feel there was a direct relationship with the college experience. Regards, Doug Verdieck

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