In an earlier comment, I suggested that American collegiate sports seemed to be following college tennis in giving scholarships in startling amounts to international players. And, I speculated that women’s golf might be on the verge of doing the same thing. Duh!
Last week the Raleigh News and Observer ran an article about how many women golfers in the southern USA regional NCAA qualifier were international. Duke is ranked 3 in the nation. Their roster lists seven players, one from France, one from South Korea, two from Ireland, one from Nova Scotia, one from India, and one from China.
I hear “diversity” often, as justification for this. For diversity, why doesn’t the coach mix in an American girl?
Any way you slice it, its still baloney.
1.If you give them a scholarship its foreign aid. If they pay the rate at Duke (60k annually?) it is foreign trade. How many do that?
2. Title 1X was intended to be fair to American women. For every grant issued internationally an American girl loses and opportunity for a Duke education. Probably because she scores 3 shots a round more than an international.
3. It is spreading like kudzu.
MY high school football team, playing in the homecoming game, gave up a quick touchdown. Then we fumbled on the first play on offense. In our defensive huddle our captain concluded, “…we better get a toe-holt on this son of a bitch.”
(See blog article 120 (THE WORLD CUP–March 29, 2015.)

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