1. The balls were too fluffy.
  2. The balls were too heavy
    (light, yellow, white, old, new).
  3. It was too hot.
  4. It was too cold.
  5. I have a cold.
  6. I have a headache.
  7. It’s too windy.
  8. It’s too humid.
  9. I can’t play indoors.
  10. I can’t play outdoors.
  11. I have a blister.
  12. i have tennis elbow.
  13. The sun was in my eyes.
  14. I can’t play when the sun’s not
  15. I can’t play at night (under lights).
  16. I can’t play early in the morning.
  17. I was thirsty.
  18. I can’t play on an empty stomach.
  19. I’d just eaten.
  20. My racquet’s dead.
  21. My racquet has a broken string.
  22. Slipping grip.
  23. I have old shoes.
  24. I have new shoes.
  25. I can’t play on clay.
  26. I can’t play on hard surface.
  27. He’s a pusher.
  28. He cheats.
  29. He accused me of cheating.
  30. My partner double faults.
  31. My partner talks too much.
  32. Partner thinks I’m cute.
  33. Teammates are too intense.
  34. Teammates are too loose.
  35. Too many drunks on the team.
  36. Not enough drunks on the team.
  37. My opponent is an airhead.
  38. I can beat that guy any day
    (but today).
  39. I didn’t think we’d play today.
  40. I’m tired from yesterday.
  41. This tournament is run like
    a circus.
  42. I was worried about my
  43. I can’t play when someone’s
  44. I can’t play when no one is
  45. I was watching instead of
  46. Sweat got in my eyes.
  47. I can’t believe he called that
    ball out.
  48. The linesman blew it.
  49. Tennis is a groggy game.
  50. I think the court’s too short.
  51. Snuff nerves!

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