Looking back at the blogs did my suspicions hold up?
1. Football is still dangerous, and getting to be more so. Also–it’s no secret. Everybody knows (see CONCUSSION).
2. In pro tennis both men and women have learned the virtues of the drop-shot. One–it tires opponents quickly.
Secondly, it has a subtle psychological effect that discourages opponents. Years back I suggested Djokavic and Murray
were the most diligent in pursuing it’s perfection. Didn’t the 2016 French Open prove that. American juniors: Take
heed. Develop your drop-shot. And your DEFENSE AGAINST THE DROP SHOT. That starts with conditioning and footwork/posture.
3. College tennis again. There is a direct correlation between college scholarships awarded to Americans, and future American
quality professional players.
4. The Iraq war. History unfolds and reveals the truth. Unnecessary war mongering is evil.

One thought on “HOW DID I DO?

  1. Alan White

    Some good stuff- keep writing- you will help a lot of people that you will never hear about ! You are still the “teacher ” !!!

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