World Cup soccer competition began in 1930. The United States men have never won it. Soccer is more widely played world-wide than any sport.
Title IX was implemented in 1970. The World Cup for women began in 1991. Our women have won twice. No other country has a “Title IX”.   Sports and sociology go hand in hand. Women’s college basketball has become markedly better, rapidly and recently, as more and more black women are enlisted. While the same is true historically for men’s college basketball, there has also been a major shift personnel-wise: Or the influx of international basketballers.
College track and tennis and soccer have a similar history.
Integration and Title IX were milestones long overdue. The law does affect who plays. Need based scholarships dictated a whole new landscape in American athletics. MUCH good has transpired.
There is food for thought. Five years ago I told all kinds of parents and friends that Title IX would provide tremendous opportunities for our girls, through golf scholarships. In just five years later, I wonder. Have you witnessed the women’s world golf rankings. The number of Korean players at the top is truly impressive. Due in no small part to a frenzied number of young Koran aspirants, putting in the lengths of practice sessions we reserve for school.
How long before we see college coaches bringing in entire rosters of girl golfers, borderline if not pro, from overseas? Tennis blinked and boom, no scholarships left for us.
What happens if internationals usurp collegiate basketball scholarships?
Was Title IX intended to offer opportunities for our women, or someone else? Other sports? Those to come?

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