“FANTOSH”: “When the crap hits the fan.” Recently there has been a lot of discussion about UNC-CHAPEL HILL athletics. I’m not sure everyone is totally up on the issues. Coach Roy William’s situation was brought up in our local golf group’s pre-round gathering. One local geezer concluded: “If he ain’t got em where they can shoot free throws better this year, by God we’ll fire his ass.’
How big a deal are sports in America? As a youngster I remember a local farmer that sports were “…that stuff that comes on TV after the weather.”
It is going to be interesting how sports in American society change in this “rubicon” moment.

PS. Kevin Bumgarner (Madison’s Dad) was amazed the New York reporter found his secluded home in Caldwell county (NC): Mr.Bumgarner asked him,”…have you ever seen so much of nothing”? That reminded me of Wilbur (of Wilbur’s BBQ in Goldsboro,NC): “Our house was so far out in the country it was the last one between the end of the world and the road.”

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