The 42nd George Whitfield Sports Hall of Fame  and baseball clinic were held in Goldsboro, N.C.  this weekend.  George is a BASEBALL ANGEL and beloved in eastern North Carolina and beyond.  Asked who was the “selection committee”,  George replied,  “…I am.”   He made 22 selections this year.  One rather unique pick was Wilbur’s Barbeque in Goldsboro.   Wilbur and I share a rare willingness in eastern  N.C, as we both admit being anti-repulblican.  George read a letter from Wilbur Friday night that said he had only voted for one republican in his life.  That was when he was on a jury that tried a republican and Wilbur said he voted FOR  convicting him.  This reminded me of a tale from the HOI TIDERS (high tiders), or the people from way down east in N.C.   The story goes that during the post depression days  some locals kidnapped a rare republican’s mule, shaved  his side and painted REPUBLICAN on his  flank.  They then marched the poor mule in the local parade.   Story goes that the mule died a week later.  Asked the cause of death, the vet suspected “…pure shame.”

P.S.  Wilbur said he  “… was from so far out in the woods that the end of the world was between his house and the road”.

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