A New Day

Nolan Respess and his assistant, “Dee Dock”, coached in tiny Pantego, NC, early in their careers.   The schools sports program was basketball and baseball.   That’s it.   Except for the principal’s news, fueled by school consolidation.

“Gentlemen we’re adding football.   Not only that, you two are the coaches.”

Nolan said neither he or “Dee Dock” knew much football, but there they were on opening Friday night.

First play!

On the kickoff return one of their new kids got “cold cocked!”   Unconscious right at their feet.   The kid finally “blind staggered” to his feet, barely awake.   Coach Re spess’ first substitute was instructed to “Take his place.”   The kid ran over to where the other kid had been stretched out and laid down.

Hmm, we’ve got some coaching to do.   Later when he tried to find the same kid, another teammate said, “Coach, he is over there, pointing to the concession stand. The “sub” was calmly eating a hot dog through his facemask.

Coach Respess:  “Son, did they give you a hot dog?”  “No, Coach, I bought it.”
“You had money in your uniform?”
“I hid it in my shoes, I knew I’d get hungry.”

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