Both my sons played college tennis and have continued to play.   Oldest grandchild plays tournaments.  Elder son, Tee,  just finished a tournament in hometown, Boulder.  Runner-up in doubles, they won $200.  Reminded me of my “total earnings” from pro tennis.

I attended all the early ITA (Intercollegiate Tennis Association) coaches conferences, held mostly in Sanibel, Florida.  In 1989 the ITA held a prize money tournament, singles only, all ages.   Not for me.  1990 they added age divisions.  The late Bob Brynes, a fine player, asked me to partner with him in the 50’s and older.  When we got the draw there were only four entries.   Our first round opponents were both over 70 years old.  Pretty easy, this pro tennis.  However our next opponents, in the “finals”, no less, were pretty good,  The 7/6, 7/6 match was really long.  Bob carried the load.  I realized I was late for my free shuttle back to the airport.  A cab cost me $30.

Weeks later I received my share of the win.  EIGHTY FIVE BUCKS!  However, the check bounced.  Later redeemed,  I yielded $55.   Our  family earnings from tennis play are now:  Tee-$200, Dad –$55, or $255.

My trophy reads ITA NATIONAL DOUBLES CHAMPION  (50 and OVER).   Thanks, Bob.

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