“Ninety percent of the time I got in real trouble, my Uncle Si was involved.”)  Jase Robertson of DUCK DYNASTY.

Went to dinner with Margaret’s friend last week.  Nicest place in our neighborhood.   The friend  asked about my non-wine meal?  I have explained this to others, several times.  And wrote a blog article on the same topic (CHATEAU LOW RENT- blog 74).  See

We were all about the same age, and Margaret reminded us of “brown bagging” in the South.  And on to other funny drinking tales.   Today’s  newspaper has a feature on a new bar in Durham highlighting AX THROWING AND BEER DRINKING.  I immediately thought of Pete Craig (“…damn- forty five years ago Pete and I would have been there for opening night, and opening night closing!”)

I began to think of a host of friends.  “Country” Boykin was either head of the class, or it didn’t take long to call the roll.  He concluded “,,,a friend would come get you out of jail, but a true friend would be in the cell with you, saying what a great time that was.”)

Being a minister’s son cramped my earlier childhood, but even at age four I found Billy Fulton who could get me, but more often Tuddy Webster, in deep doo.  And throughout my life, I have loved the funny ones.  Bruno and Dude Brown of teen age.  Creative!   College roommate,  John Eskew, highly qualified, and combined with Dick Knox–lethal.  Jack Boyd was a new level.

Even graduate school.  Took me a semester to find Dick Blackmon.  NCAA wrestling runner-up, who thought PBR and fighting were both blessings.   Full time employment slows most down.  Joe Robinson and living with a liquor salesman did not compute with “slow down”.

Marriage you say?  Newly wed at OLDE TOWNE apartments even showed me trouble, like kudzu, was everywhere.  Gerald “Scope” Wallace and Bob Johnson both in the same apartment  development?  What are the odds.  While most of my other friends were truly afraid of these two,  they were too  much fun.  Rest in peace, you two.

I had these final thoughts:

  1.  When guns were involved, I left.
  2. .  When COUNTY quit flying lessons, I was happy.
  3.  I somehow realized riding with a drunk was as bad as me driving drunk.
  4. When Pete moved in with “Mad Dog” McCotter and Watson Hale,  I was overmatched.
  5. Drinking takes a lot of time, and it is hard work if you do it right.
  6. Moderation never “set in” for me.

Again–Duck Dynasty:  “It is fun if everybody lives!” (Uncle Si).





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