Buddy had flaws, but he got things done. The football stadium at Fike High School bears his name.
He was loud, chubby, smoked constantly, and got right up next to you to talk. With each point of emphasis he’d bump you with her considerable girth.
Buddy ascended to the role of “Godfather” to a Damon Runyan bunch of Southern characters. Here are a couple of “Buddy Stories,: and some of his Wilson “Buddies”.
The UNC Education Foundation booked a trip to Hawaii in 1972, for the “Rainbow” basketball tournament. Carolina fans by the plane full. Imagine. Any- way Margaret and I were asked along with Pete and the Boykins, Faye and “Coun- try.” We were “fillers” to make the required number.
We stayed in the “Royal Hawaiian” or the old pink landmark hotel. It was lovely. Upon checking out Buddy was presented with a bill for 50 cents for each call made within the hotel. This was a policy many hotels instituted later, but it was new to Buddy, who owned “The Heart of Wilson”, Wilson’s top motel.
And it was no small bill. Buddy knew everyone on the plane, orchestrated the whole weeks activities, and talked over the phone constantly anyway.
Buddy confronted the desk clerk. They exchanged arguments. Finally Buddy said, “Well, I own a motel and we certainly don’t charge any such ridiculous fee!”
The clerk puffed up and said, “Sir, is your motel this large?” “The telephones are the same size”, Buddy countered.

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