We recently built a home at Emerald isle, NC. Its located on the North Caro- lina Coast, near the Boykin’s condominium. They were generous in sharing their home with us as we bounced back and forth from our Burlington, NC home, a four-hour trip.
On one such trip I intended to make a day trip. Emergency circumstances caused me to have to stay for four days. I had no clothes. Earl lent me several shirts. Being a staunch East Carolina Pirate, they all had East Carolina, or E.C.U. logos on them. Margaret washed them and I returned them to Country.
“Thanks for the shirts, Country,” I began. “But they had a strange effect on me in the mornings. I’d wake up and masturbate, decide to cut class, mix up a Bloody Mary, and pick up a BBQ sandwich on the way to Happy’s pool hall.” Strange syndrome, but people who know East Carolina in the 60’s understand.

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