Another Elk’s Clubber, this one from Wilson, was Robert Griffin. He had a ton of money but wore bib overalls everywhere. He also was a client of aforementioned Al Rehm, jr. Robert went to Las Vegas often. When Al was there, Robert would come to Al’s room and drink. Al said he’d drink Vodka until he’d pass out in Al’s room. And he snored like a McCullough chain saw.
Al decided to head this nightmare off, telling a looped, but standing Robert, I’m walking you down to your room tonight Robert. Out in the hall Al asked, “What’s your room number, Robert? “ “I have no earthly idea,” says Robert. “Reach into my pocket, the key’s there.”
Al said he took the key and lo and behold it was to the next room.
Al opened the door the exact same time Robert unhitched his brass overall buttons. The bib overalls fell all the way down to his ankles. From behind Robert, Al could see two things: (1) Robert had no underwear on and (2) The couple in the bed was extremely shocked.
Al gasped, “What are you doing in here?” The man replied, “No, what are you two lovers doing in here?”
Robert solved the problem. “Oh hell Al, I’ve been kicked out of two or three rooms this week. Reach in my bibs and find another key.”
“Find your own damn key Robert!”
There’s only so much you should have to do for a client.

Al played high school basketball. A reserve, when told by the coach to spend the last ten minutes shooting from your favorite spot, he took a few balls over to the bench. Made 2 out of 11.

Al said his eyelids were attached to his ass. “If I sit down I go to sleep.” He told me once “Parham, shut up and let us talk some, we’re drunk too!”

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