Between the booze and the town, college life was getting interesting. My second year we (SQ and I) considered applying to the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. It was Animal House before “Animal House”. One guy left late at night to drive moonshine. There was a poker room in the basement. And it provided a place to party. Couple of drawbacks: Money, basketball rules, near death hazing, and the “Fireman of the week” outings. The latter scared us into waiting a year. It was so brutal the school was about to ban it. The “’fireman of the week” award was requiring the pledge with the biggest pecker to wear the “Fireman of the week” sign publicly for one week on campus. Then it descended (to make a pun) to the next pledge. If you were a traditional spring time pledge, you did not want to wear that thing in May!
So John and I waited.

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