Willis Hackney, was one of the school’s biggest money givers. With permission here is the story as told in Dr. McLean’s history of the college.
“Mildred Ross remained best known for her interest in students and for her inability to drive an automobile safely. Clark mentioned Ross’s driving problems, suggesting that she hold her speed below sixty, and adding, “The only way Mildred knows when she is getting near town is that she is hitting more people.” One of the more humorous college legends involved Ross and Willis Hackney, who shared Ross’s love of Bulldog athletics. Ross was driving in Wilson’s downtown area near midmorning one day when, straying well across her side of the public street, she rammed Hackney’s automobile, smashing a fender. Getting out of their cars, the drivers approached each other as a small crowd began to gather on the sidewalk. Hackney immediately assumed a defensive position, extending his arms with hands in front, palms open and fingers spread. In a loud, serious voice, he blurted, “Mildred it’s my fault, all my fault. I knew you were coming to town this morning. I should have known better than to be down here.”

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