Golfing buddy, Cleve Folger, started his story by saying, “…I went to Elon College for a year.” Oh yeah, I replied, did you like it?
Cleve: Yes, I really did!
Me: Why did you leave?
Cleve: My Uncle was an actuary. He wanted me to get that degree and join him. It was a good opportunity.
Me: Where did you transfer to?
Cleve: Atlanta State (GA.). They has a good program there and I could afford it.
Me: Did you like Atlanta?
Cleve: Yeah, until I got kidnapped.
Me: What?
Cleve: I was in a tough part of Atlanta at night. Two guys took my car, money, and clothes. At gunpoint. Naked and stunned I was turned away  by residences by equally stunned locals.
Finally a kind family took me inside their home. They reported details to the police and gave me some clothes to wear.
Me: Did they ever catch them?
Cleve: The police called back. They picked up one of the two quickly. They had another suspect who denied involvement. I was asked to view a lineup to see if this was the second guy.
When they showed the lineup I immediately confirmed the second thief. Interestingly, when I exited the lineup a lawyer representing the identified man, asked me skeptically if I WAS SURE his client was the one?
I told him it was easy once I saw he had my clothes on.

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